Kansainvälinen työpaja Oulu 2021

Nordic Green Care event goes Online 17.9.2021

This Nordic Green Care event is all about nature-based services, research and quality. You will hear expert presentations about current Green Care research and discussions about Nordic Green Care and its quality.

After registration, you will get a confirmation email, and later you will receive a link which you can use to join the event online.

We reserve the right to modify the program.

If you have any questions concerning the event, please contact Satu Välijärvi, email: [email protected]
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Friday 17.9.

Green Care Quality and Research Meeting

Please note, the program is in Finnish time. Program starts at 8:15 in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and The Netherlands.

9:15 (FI) / 8:15 (SE, NO, DK, NL) Welcome words and introduction of the day

Research presentations
Presentations about current Green Care research.
9:30 (FI) / 8:30 (SE, NO, DK, NL) Jan Hassink, Wageningen University and Research Center
Topic: Social Entrepreneurship in Diversified Farming. The case of Care farming.
10:15 (FI) / 9:15 (SE, NO, DK, NL) Bente Berget, and Siv Merete Arnesen, NORCE Norwegian Research Center
Topic: Care farms and adapted education for pupils in the secondary school and human–animal relationship in a care farm setting. Descriptions and research.
11:00 (FI) / 10:00 (SE, NO, DK, NL) Ann Ojala, Natural Resources Institute Finland
Topic: The effects of nature on human well-being and mental health.

12:00-12:45 (FI) / 11:00-11:45 (SE, NO, DK, NL) Lunch

Nordic Green Care quality
13:00 (FI) / 12:00 (SE, NO, DK, NL) Reviews about Green Care quality in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway

14:15 (FI) / 13:15 (SE, NO, DK, NL) Panel discussions
Christer Yrjas
, Hushållningssällskapet

Carsten Ørting Andersen, Green Care Netværket
Maarit Aho, Green Care Finland
Hege Lindstrøm, Inn på Tunet
Panel discussion moderator: Rhys Evans, Høgskulen for Grøn Utvikling

More information of researchers and panel participants

15:15 (FI) / 14:15 (SE, NO, DK, NL) Joint discussion
Comments, questions and ideas.

Event ends at 15:45 (FI) / 14:45 (SE, NO, DK, NL)

More material

Green Care – Hyvinvointia luonnosta (video)

Review of Nordic Nature-based Service Models:
Study on the opportunities and challenges of the nature-based services in Finland, Sweden and Norway

SoFarEDU website
This was a mid-European project to produce material for a sample BA degree.
There are lots of ideas for courses, and good pedagogical guides too.

Nallikari in sunset. Picture: Sanna Krook / The City of Oulu

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