Service piloting

The aim of pilot tests is to develop nature-based business and service models for the needs of customers in health care, social work and educational services. During pilot testing entrepreneurs are producing a nature-based service to customers and actors from the public sector. The Nordic NaBS project supports pilot testing.

Status information on piloting

In the case of Finland, the first pilots planned for spring 2020 will be postponed to the autumn due to the situation in Corona, and possibly part for 2021. Customer organizations and companies involved in the first cycle by region:

  • Northern Ostrobothnia:
    1) Oulu Deaconess Institute’s (ODL) project MAPPI and company Windland
  • Central Ostrobothnia:
    1) Kokkola emergency and shelter and company K&T Horsemanship
    2) Soite (family support services, child welfare) and company Alitalo holding
  • Lapland:
    1) Rovaniemi Steiner School and company Norvan Hevostila
    2) Rovala Jokkatupa and company Violamo
  • Sweden: companies
    1) MorrRingens Gröna Hälsa omsorg
    2) Gröna Hälsokrafter AB
    3) JössgårdeLearn more

How to apply 

Service pilot tests are executed approximately 3-6 times in every region of the project, for instance in Finland in Lapland, Central Ostrobothnia and Northern Ostrobothnia. Whereas in Sweden in Norrbotten and Västerbotten. Developing services and pilot tests are organized in cycles. Apply for the pilot cycles via Webropol form.

Applicants are required to:

  • Describe reasons why you are applying
  • Describe the service pilot test, nature base and operating environment
  • Provide a document about fulfilling the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability
  • Describe customer and service needs (this concerns only health care, social work and pedagogical actors)

Applying for test piloting, dates:

  • Spring 2020 Pilot 15.1.2020
  • Fall 2020 Pilot 15.5.2020
  • Spring 2021 pilot 15.11.2020

Submit your application and register here: Lapland ¦ Central Ostrobothnia ¦ Northern Ostrobothnia ¦  Norrbotten and Västerbotten

All applications will be handled after the application period has expired. Among the candidates for test piloting, we are looking for counterparts from service providers, for example nature entrepreneurs and health care, social and educational organisations. The Nordic NaBS Project is a connecting partner between entrepreneurs and actors in the health care, social, educational and farming sectors.

More information:

  • Piloting in Lapland: leena.valimaa(at)
  • Piloting in Central Ostrobothnia: martta. ylilauri(at)
  • Piloting in Northern Ostrobothnia: satu.valijarvi(at)
  • Piloting in Norrbotten and Västerbotten in Sweden: paivi.juuso(at)

The principles of the service piloting in the Nordic NaBS project

  • The pilot is bound by agreements. The participants are involved in the design, implementation and further development of the services pilot together
  • The project supports the design of service pilots. The project is also responsible for the facilitation and documentation
  • The selected piloting entrepreneurs get paid 50 EUR/hour for the execution of the service pilot (considering project objectives and criteria), according to the working time used for the customer guidance.
  • The parties involved in piloting are responsible for their own insurance.
  • We collect information about piloting, e.g. service models that are published for general use

Other project support for development of services and service experimentation

  • All interested customers in the health care and social as farming sector and the nature-based entrepreneurs have access to the workshops to develop their services. Learn more about the  Workshop page
  • The project’s Facebook pages have introduced a discussion and mentoring program where you can engage in discussion and find peers. Check out the chat opportunity on Facebook.