Mindfulness service piloting in the nature of Oulu

Stress, exhaustion, sleeping problems, etc. are common for all of us. Mindfulness service is a great way to prevent these tiring actors. This relaxing service occurred three times in the beautiful nature in Oulu. And there would be a demand for more service times in the future.

There were three piloting times and they occurred every two weeks. The first and last piloting times located in the Ainolas park, and the second time were in Nallikari. These environments are perfect for mindfulness practices. Of course, there are some challenges to hold focusing and calming exercises, e.g. other people, traffic, noises, etc. That’s why planning and choosing the environment is very important.

Piloting service included for example ecopsychological, breathing, focusing and imagination exercises. Exercises took advantage of nature, natures sounds, whistle and sound bowl. Entrepreneur gave clear instructions for participants and then they had their own time to execute the practice. Service times lasted about 1,5-2 hours and there was enough time to give instructions, have a conversations and do the practices.

The goal was to increase participants wellbeing, decrease stress and give tools to keep doing the exercises at home, etc. According to feedback, the goals were achieved because e.g. one of the participants had positive memories from the nature and practices. In addition, the participants have had positive development in dealing with life changes.

The participants were special need childrens parents aged 35-42. There were about 1-4 participants on each piloting time. Their feedback were mainly positive and they would be interested in participating on this kind of service again.

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