International Workshop in Norway 7.-10.10.2019

Discovering Norway!
In October 2019, the Nordic NaBS project organised a trip to Mo i Rana, Norway.

There were about 30 participants from Finland and Sweden, as well as a few entrepreneurs from Norway.

The trip offered new networks, visits to Inn på Tunet farms, exchanges of experience and tools to develop your own nature-based activities. During the trip, participants also presented their own activities. In Mo i Rana, the venue was Fjordgaarden Hotell

More information about the trip:

Presentation materials:

Travel Report and Photo Gallery

PROGRAM (times local time)

Ma 7.10.2019 trip to Mo i Ranaan

5.00 Kokkola – Oulu

8.00 Oulu and Rovaniemi – Tornio

10.00 Coffee break in Tornio on Lapin AMKin Campus in Minerva – Status cinnamon (self-published)

10.15 Trip to Tornio – Lulea

11.15 Lunch in Luleå (self-publishing) (Swedish time) Centrum Restaurangen

12.15. Common bus trip from Lulea to Mo i Rana

16.00 Dinner in Sorseli (self-published)

N. 21 in Mo i Rana

Ti 8.10.2019 Inn På Tunet what is it?

8.30 Day start and project data show, Leena Välimaa, Nordic NaBS

9.00 What is Inn På Tunet? Hege Lindström, Inn På Tunet, Norway

10.00. Chairman of the entrepreneur, Sissel Sivertsen, Fjellvang stall och 4H gård

10.30 Pause and discuss Inn På Tunet-Activities in small groups and together

12.00 Lunch is offered at the hotel

13.00 Nature-based activities in different countries. Olli Voutilainen, Martta Ylilauri and Päivi Juuso, Nordic NaBS

14.15 Coffees and poster and poster walking, Arja Jääskeläinen, Nordic NaBS  

15.45 Common day, summary, Leena Välimaa Nordic NaBS

16.30 Departure for the company’s visit to Fjellvang stall och 4H gård (Hammerveien 125, 8626 Mo I Rana)

19 – 21 shared dinner at the No3 restaurant (self-published)

Ke 9.10.2019 Inn på Tunet: Getting acquainted with activities and actors

8.30 Departure from Hotel

9.00 Visit to Langfjell Gård (Langfjellveien 520, 8615 Skonseng)

11.30 Lunch at the hotel (self-publishing)

12.30 Departure for next room visit

14.30 Visit to Furuheim Gård (Sørsiveien 864, 8690 Hattfjelldal)

N. 19 Arriving back to the hotel

An evening of self-reliance on Mo I Rana’s environment and free time

To 10.10.2019 Home Travel 

8.00 Departure from Mo i Rana

11.00 Hour food Paussi (dining self-published)

16.00 In Luleå, dinner (self-publishing)

17.00. Departure from Bone

20.00 In Tornio (Finland time), the possibility of a coffee break

20.30 Departure from Tornio directions Rovaniemi/Oulu – Kokkola

In Rovaniemi. At 21.30

Oulu. at 22.00

In Kokkola. at 2.00