International workshops in Norway, Sweden and Finland

International workshops provide a good platform for common action and learning in different countries. Together, shared information, appointments and experiences, as well as common experience, enrich our own activities. There will be three workshops; 2019 in Norway, during springtime 2021 in Sweden and during the autumn in Finland, depending on the corona pandemic.

Norway, Mo I Rana 7.-10.10.2019

The workshop explored the Norwegian customs to conduct welfare services on farms, so called Inn På Tunet -activities. The workshop was held on October 2019 in the beautiful town of Mo I Rana. A total of 30 people participated in the workshop from Finland, Sweden and Norway.

During the farm visits we got to know more about Inn på Tunet activities. The workshop enabled networking across borders through conversations and presentations. The results of the preliminary Green Care surveys were also featured, as well as the Inn på Tunet expert Hege Lindstrøm.

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Sweden, Piteå 17-19.5.2021

Experience the Swedish way of implementing nature-based wellness services, through Green care and nature-based rehabilitation. The workshop will take place in the spring of 2021 in Piteå, in the northern part of Sweden.

Creating common activities across borders and sharing information about developing Nordic welfare services

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Finland 2021

Get to know how Finns implement wellness services in the wild, so called Green Care services. The workshop is held in autumn 2021 in northern Finland.

Building common networks and knowledge to develop the services of Nordic nature entrepreneurs and health care, social work and pedagogical actors

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