The Nordic NaBS project


The Nordic NaBS Project supports entrepreneurs to develop business and service models that are suitable for northern conditions such as Green Care in Finland and Grön Arena/Naturunderstödd rehabilitering (NUR) in Sweden. The aim is also to strengthen the growth of the year-round business of natural resource and tourism entrepreneurs.

Business and service models are created in cooperation with entrepreneurs who produce nature-based services, as well as health care, social work and educational actors.

In Finland, development activities are situated in the regions of Lapland, Central Ostrobothnia and Northern Ostrobothnia, as well as in Sweden, in Norrbotten and Västerbotten.

Review of Nordic Nature-based Service Models : Study on the opportunities and challenges of the nature-based services in Finland, Sweden and Norway

Service piloting


The aim of pilot tests is to develop nature-based business and service models for the needs of customers in health care, social work and educational services. During pilot testing entrepreneurs are producing a nature-based service to customers and actors from the public sector. The Nordic NaBS project supports pilot testing.


Regional events


We are organizing open and free workshops for the development of services, cooperation and professional skills. The free workshops have similar themes in Lapland, Northern Ostrobothnia, Central Ostrobothnia and Norrbotten and Västerbotten.


International workshops in Norway, Sweden and Finland


International workshops provide a good platform for common action and learning in different countries. Together, shared information, appointments and experiences, as well as common experience, enrich our own activities. There will be three workshops; 2019 in Norway, during springtime 2021 in Sweden (online) and during the autumn 2021 in Finland (online), plus 2 online workshop event in springtime in 2022.


The Nordic NaBS project


This project operates in 2019-2022. The aim of the project is to develop cooperation between farms, natural resources and tourism companies and professionals within public health care, social work and educational services.  The expertise and resources of the various industries in Finland, Sweden and Norway are taking advantage of in developing common business and service models that are particularly suited to the northern nature and cultural conditions.

The Nordic NaBS project is finanzed by Interreg Nord, Regional Council of Lapland and Region Norrbotten.

Project partners are Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, University of Vaasa and Luleå University of Technology.


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