More co-operation between nature entrepreneurs and professionals within health care, social work and educational services

The unique northern nature offers plenty of opportunities for both business and human wellbeing. The Nordic NaBS Project supports entrepreneurs to develop business and service models that are suitable for northern conditions such as Green Care in Finland and Grön Arena/Naturunderstödd rehabilitering (NUR) in Sweden. The aim is also to strengthen the growth of the year-round business of natural resource and tourism entrepreneurs.

Business and service models are created in cooperation with entrepreneurs who produce nature-based services, as well as health care, social work and educational actors. In Finland, development activities are situated in the regions of Lapland, Central Ostrobothnia and Northern Ostrobothnia, as well as in Sweden, in Västerbotten and Norbotten.

Welcome to explore the development of nature-based services through our workshops, webinars, piloting and reporting!

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Note. The Piteå workshop from August 2020 will have to be postponed due to the corona

  • we will announce the new schedule as soon as possible after the summer holidays.

Schedules for the autumn workshops can be found on the Events and Workshops pages

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Latest webinars published as recordings

  • 15.6.2020 Green Care -kuljetukset (in Finnish)
  • 11.6.2020 Maatilojen eläinavusteiset palvelut (in Finnish)






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