Dr. Anna-Maria Palsdottir, is Senior lecturer in environmental psychology of landscape architecture at the dept. People and Society at SLU. Among other subjects, her research focus on nature based interventions for health promotion. Her research has affected the implementation of NUR in Skåne and is located at Alnarp Rehabilitation Garden.




Sara Kyrö Wissler, is horticulturist, Coordinator at Alnarp Garden Laboratory, and coordinator for the Plant Protein Factory Project in Skåne. Sara has lecturers for healthcare professionals at Region Skåne about Nature based Rehabilitation (NUR) and held in lecturers in courses at SLU.




Ulf Hallgårde, is Med. Dr. with specialization in ear, nose and throat diseases. He is former Chief physician and Deputy head of ENT department at Lund University Hospital. He has extensive experience from development of healthcare and has had responsibility for several breakthrough projects in Region Skåne. During the period 2006-2015, he was responsible for Region Skåne development work in the area of sick leave and for the development of the Regional Medicine Council in connection with the reform in pharmacies.



HenkilökuvaLis-Lott Andersson, is Registered Nurse, with specialist competence in children and adolescents. She is OHI-certified, i.e. she has a quality-assured additional competence to use horses in her profession. She is also instructor in mindfulness. She has an IVO-registered horse facility Humlamaden Grön Rehab where she, since the early 1990s, have built up a nature-, dog- and horse-assisted treatment model that is aimed for children, adolescents and adults with mental illness, leading to very good results.



HenkilökuvaLena Lidfors, Professor of Ethology at the Department of Animal Environment and Health at SLU in Skara. She is responsible for the subject Anthrozoology, i.e. human-animal interactions, at her department. Her research focus mainly on human-animal interactions, especially Animal Assisted Interventions. She has studied behaviour of cattle since 1984, and other animal species such as rabbits, pigs, rats, mink, sheep, dogs and cats. She has incorporated physiological measurements in some of her research, and lately also used automatic recordings of cattle and sheep behaviour.


Marja Abrahamsson, Registered Physiotherapist, coordinator Gröna Rehab. She leads mindfulness and body awareness exercises and is contact person for the participants in the work-oriented rehabilitation.



Hanna Berko, Rehab Gardener at Gröna Rehab. She leads group activities in the garden, such as planning and sowing. She is also responsible for the greenhouse’s content, care and harvest.